On Live Performance:

“His vocals are stunning. Animated, articulate and crackling with emotion, it’s hard to believe that someone this good is performing in a place this small.” 

– Lee Abraham, Las Vegas Chronicle

Against the Grain Album Review:

“Eastman handled [Against the Grain] the way he seems to handle a lot of things in his life, head-on and full bore. He has a passionate group of supporters & after listening to the CD, I can see why. The production has that double-edged, telecaster driven, West Coast punch that rumbles out of the speakers and vibrates the bottoms of your boots. The writing takes the journey and tells the story with no roses and no regrets.”

– G. Roberts, Country Line Magazine

Born Again Sinner Album Reviews:

“[Wake] is a deft songwriter, able to paint a picture in your mind in just a couple of lines. This is perfectly demonstrated on “Five O’Clock Shadow.” A co-write with Monte Warden…it’s one of those songs that really ought to be a huge hit…Eastman shows chameleon-like qualities in adapting his delivery to suit the many styles he touches upon in Born Again Sinner. The songs are…varied, intelligent, witty, fun, deep and hard hitting. I enjoyed it very much. It’s singer-songwriter without being pretentious or too singersongwritery and reeks of quality.”

– Country Music People

“Texas outlaw soul meets old-school Nashville-style songwriting smarts in Wake Eastman’s craft. …..Eastman and his writing partners grace perennial country themes with memorable, genre-savvy lyric sets on par with the best in the game.”

 Roots Music Report